Balancing Stands ABS

Balancing Stands ABS

The Balancing Stands ABS being qualified for static balancing of heavy and extremely heavy rotors, or for concentricity tests.They are designed for maximum weights of 2,000, 10,000 and 50,000 kilo. The balancing stands are supplied in a kit.

Main Characteristics

Each set of balancing stands will be supplied as a set of two individual balancing stands, each with two hardened and ground balancing rollers.

The balancing rollers are pivoted in ball bearings and are arranged in an overlapping manner.

The balancing rollers’s width enables testing bodies to be used with axes of a lesser surface hardness.

Furthermore, the balancing rollers are pendulum mounted in the stand. The testing body axes ares thus still completely supported by the balancing rollers even if there are small diameter differences.

The stands are painted with the structured coating RAL 7035 Light Grey; the balancing rollers are black oxided.