Werkzeugsysteme Müller GmbH HOFMANN Mess- und Teiltechnik


Werkzeugsysteme Müller GmbH HOFMANN Mess- und Teiltechnik

HOFMANN is a well sought-after partner by renowened manufactures of machine tools for processing metal.

Our product range includes NC-dividing centers and NC-rotary tables as well as a wide choice of accessories like tailstocks and supports. For special uses, where standard equipment cannot be used, we develop customer solutions. Furthermore the manufacturing of assemblies and rotary axis is also part of our product portfolio. We deliver by order of well known machine manufacturer rotary axis with torque unit. They are produced according to customer specification and completely ready for installation.


Customer Story

Our manual rotary table in the version RD-400 with 3-jaw-chuck

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NC-dividing unit HD-250 Hofmann Mess- und Teiltechnik

Customer Story

Our HOFMANN NC-dividing unit HD-250 in process.

More than 60 years experience

Having more than 60 years of experience combined with fresh creativity and innovational strength, HOFMANN Mess- und Teiltechnik is part of leading suppliers in the field of measurement and indexing technology. We are looking back on a long tradition.

Founded in the year 1947 by Mr. Dionys Hofmann senior, the former company Dionys Hofmann was engaged with the manufacturing of knife grinding machines and balancing machines. The production of dividing units has additionally begun in 1948.

Through the confusions of the 2nd world war, the company settled down in Ostmettingen, where the production of precision dividing units and rotary tables has begun.

As an independent company, the commercial line dividing technology has been bought out of the Dionys Hofmann GmbH in 1993. As Hofmann Mess- und Teiltechnik the company has been fonded new by Dionys Hofmann junior.

In the year 2001 the company moved over into a new production and administration building in Grosselfingen. There has been a lot of effort invested into 4,000 square meters administration and production area for an innovative and ambitious company.

At the end of 2009 HOFMANN Mess- und Teiltechnik was taken over by the Mueller-Group, with headquarter in Pliezhausen in the near of Reutlingen; in the south of Stuttgart. All important components of our products around indexing and rotations are produced in our modern production.

Einachsiges NC-Teilgerät RWNC

NC-Dividing Units RWNC


NC-Dividing Units RSNC

Einachsiger NC-Rundtisch HD mit Torqueantrieb

NC-Dividing Units HD

Ein- bzw. zweiachsiges NC-Teilgerät EDR-EDS

NC-Dividing Units EDR-EDS

Reitstöcke RE

Tailstocks RE


Supports GH


Collet Chuck Stands Z


Customer and Special Solutions


Manufacturing of Assemblies and Rotary Axis

Manueller Präzisionsrundtisch R

Manual Rotary Tables R

Manueller Präzisionsrundtisch RH

Manual Rotary Tables RH


Manual Rotary Tables WR

Schwenkbares Klein-Teilgerät TSH

Dividing Heads TSH


Balancing Stands ABL


Balancing Stands ABS

Quality from Baden-Wuerttemberg

Our products impress with their shortest machine set-up times, flexible capabilities and easy retrofitting because of the modular system. Quality management according to DIN EN ISO guarantees compliance with our high product quality.

Also in the future, we will focus on the development and production of accurate and high-quality products. Both standard and special solutions. The focus is always on close dialogue with the customer in order to provide an optimal solution for every application.