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HOFMANN Mess- und Teiltechnik

HOFMANN is a well sought-after partner by renowened manufactures of machine tools for processing metal.

Our product range includes NC-dividing centers and NC-rotary tables as well as a wide choice of accessories like tailstocks and supports. For special uses, where standard equipment cannot be used, we develop customer solutions. Furthermore the manufacturing of assemblies and rotary axis is also part of our product portfolio. We deliver by order of well known machine manufacturer rotary axis with torque unit. They are produced according to customer specification and completely ready for installation.

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Hofmann Mess- und Teiltechnik


Company vacations between the years

Our company will be closed from 23.12.2021 to 02.01.2022.
As of January 3, 2022, we will be available for you again as usual.

Hofmann Mess- und Teiltechnik

Two clamping principles in one rotary table

For a customer in the field of plant engineering, Hofmann Mess- und Teiltechnik developed an NC rotary table RWNC-300 in special design. The special feature of this rotary table is the clamping of the workpiece either via an exchangeable HSK-100 C mounting adapter, with automatic hydraulic clamping, or on a face plate, with manual clamping. Both clamping principles are integrated in this indexing device and can be used with minimum changeover effort.

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Hofmann Mess- und Teiltechnik

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