Swivelling NC-Dividing Unit RSNC

Swivelling NC-Dividing Unit RSNC

NC-dividing unit RSNC

Main Characteristics

  • Are compact units, prividing  space-saving design
  • Provide high levels of rigidity
  • Offer high levels of flexibility thanks to their modular construction
  • Allow both turning & swivel axes to be positioned quickly and precisely
  • Both turning & swivel axes are hydraulically clamped, achieving a high machining Performance.
  • Provide options for setting the correct nip pressure, by either the machine tool, a separate hydraulic unit or a pneumatic-hydraulic intensifier.
  • Allow the worm gear to be set to a low amount of Play.
  • Allows play in the worm gear to be adjusted.
  • Continuous lubrication provides low maintenance & high durability.
  • Excellent price-performance Ratio.


  • Rotation Axis: either as 4th axis of the machine control or with a HOFMANN CNC-positioning control (M-Funktion)
  • Tilting Axis: either as 5th axis of the machine control or with a HOFMANN CNC-positioning control (M-Funktion)
  • Optionally, this can take place manually with a graduating drum


  • 4th and 5th axis with directly connection to the CNC-control system of the machine. All types of motors can be mounted.
  • Rotation and tilting axis as positioning axis with HOFMANN two-axis-positioning.
  • Rotation axis as 4th axis with directly Connection to the CNC-control system of the machine.
  • Tilting axis either as positioning axis with HOFMANN single-axing-positioning-control or manually axis with handwheel and graduating drum.

Swivelling NC-dividing unit RSNC are specially designed for use on machine tools and machining centres to enable real 5th Axis machining. Thanks to the modular use of dividing units in the RWNC series, clients can specify a design which meets their specific needs easily & very cost effectively. Swievelling dividing Units RSNC are using dividing units RWNC as tilting axis and rotary axis.


The ideal solution for every application:

  • Modular design by using RWNC-types: 75, 100, 125, 160, 220, 300, 380 mm
  • Direct measuring systems – for a high indexing accuracy
  • All types of motors can be mounted at customers choice
  • Different types of indexing spindles:
    • cylindrical bore (standard)
    • Morse Taper MT
    • Short Taper ST
    • ISO Taper IT
    • Hollow Shank Taper HST
    • customized spindle design
  • Increased axial and radial runout of indexing spindle available
  • Rotating axis available in multi-spindle design with 2 to 5 spindles
  • Support with clamping for increased Holding troque of the tilting axis

Special Accessories

  • Face Plates with T-Sots (according to DIN 650 )
  • Three-/Four Jaw Chucks
  • Power chucks
  • Collet chucks
  • Special clamping systems like EROWA, Mecatool, System 3R or Hirschmann
  • Tailstock manual, pneumatic or hydraulic
  • Supports with or without clamping
  • HOFMANN single axis or two-axis controller
  • Hydraulic power pack for axis clamping system
  • Pressure booster pneumatic / hydraulic
NC-dividing unit RSNC