Manual Rotary Table WR

Manual Rotary Table WR

Manual rotary table WR is a manual precision angled rotary table in a compact, space-saving design with high rigidity. He has been designed for use with horizontal or vertical turning axis on machine tools or for measuring tasks. The manual table is available in the designs WR, WRI, WRD und WRDI.


  • Angled rotary tables WR have an angled housing for horizontal and vertical use.
  • The table diameters of  250 mm bis 400 mm with degree scale at the size an zero point reticle at housing.
  • Direct indexing when swiveled worm gear possible.
  • Adjust the clearence in the worm gear  due to eccentric adjustment possible.
  • Discharge of the worm gear drive when high processing forces due to manual operate clamping of the table plate response by two toe clamps in the groove of the table plate.


  • Rigidity, manual operated tailstocks for use at horizontal rotary axes of the table plate.
  • Manual three jaw chuck with intermediate flange for fastening the table plate.
  • Graduating drum and hole plate attachment compatible.
  • Additional hole plate for hole plate attachment available. Together with standard hole plate all divisions to 100 and many up to 400 are possible with attached indexing table.

Manual Rotary Table WR


  • WR Rotary table with graduating drum and vernier scale
  • WRI Rotary table with dividing plate indexing device
  • WRD Rotary table with graduating drum and vernier scale, and direct indexing device
  • WRDI Rotary table with dividing plate indexing device and direct indexing device