Manual Rotary Table RH

Manual Precision Rotary Table RH

precision rotary table RH

Manual Precision Rotary Table R with compact and space saving design. The high rigidity allows the use for machine tools as well as for measuring applications. The table plate has a diameter of 200 mm and is available in the versions RH and RHI.



  • RH Rotary table with graduating drum and vernier scale for indirect indexing.
  • RHI Rotary table with dividing plate indexing device for indirect indexing of all divisions up to 50.


  • Manual precision rotary table with high rigidity.
  • compact and space saving design.
  • Using for machine tools as well as for measuring applications.
  • Table plate with 200 mm diameter and 360° graduation scale on the table plate circumference with zero point mark on the housing.
  • Due to the low height and the light weight, the rotary tables are especially suitable for engraving and milling work.
  • Manually operated worm gearing with eccentric worm shaft bearing for backlash adjustment or easy disengaging for rapid indexing.
  • Relief of worm gear by two mechanical down hold clamps running in a notch on circumference of the table plate.


As Accessory available for the manual precision rotary table RH for example:

  • manual three jaw chuck with intermediate flange for mounting to the table plate
  • micrometer dial and
  • hole plate attachment exchangeable
  • dditional hole plate for hole plate attachment available. Together with standard hole plate all divisions to 100 and many up to 400 are possible with attached indexing table.