Dividing Head TSH

The dividing head TSH can be universally used on engraving, milling, grinding or drilling machines to cut polygonal surfaces or pitch circles. The clamped dividing spindle can be divided by worm gear, direct dividing or 360 degrees freely by hand.

The dividing unit can be swivelled and clamped in any position between 0° and 90°. Therefore, the work piece can be brought into every
position. The indexing accuracy achievable is ± 2‘.The swivel indexing device can carry out indexing using in direct or indirect indexing process. The indirect indexing process using a worm drive with graduating drum. The direct indexing process with indexing bolt and 60 indexing positions. The direct indexing process with swivelled-out worm drive with degree scale on the indexing spindle and vernier scale on the housing.

Indexing Options

Dividing Head TSH
  • Indirect indexing process using the worm drive with a ratio of i=60:1 with graduating drum.
  • Direct indexing process using indexing bolt and notched disc with 60 notches for the increments 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10, 12, 15, 20, 30, 60.
  • Direct indexing process using the degree scale with vernier scale at the indexing spindle.
  • Swivelling: the indexing spindle housing can be freely swivelled by hand. It can be set to zero at the swivel bearing degree scale.