NC-Dividing Units

Einachsiges NC-Teilgerät RWNC

Single-Axis NC-Dividing Unit RWNC

NC-dividing unit RWNC has been specially developed for horizontal and vertical use on machine tools and machining centres. Its available with center heights of 75, 100, 125, 160, 220, 300, 380 and 400 mm. You can use direct or indirect measuring systems. Furthermore the hydraulic clamping of the indexing spindle allows high power in processing.

Zweiachsiges schwenkbares NC-Teilgerät RSNC

Swivelling NC-Dividing Unit RSNC

Swivelling NC-indexing devices RSNC are specially designed for use on machine tools and machining centres to enable real 5th Axis machining. Thanks to the modular use of dividing units in the RWNC series, clients can specify a design which meets their specific needs easily & very cost effectively.

Einachsiger NC-Rundtisch HD mit Torqueantrieb

NC-Dividing Unit HD with Direct Drive

NC-indexing devices HD have a direct drive. The torque motor is directly connected to the indexing spindle without a reduction stage. This enables the indexing spindle to achieve high speeds over a longer period of time. The unit is applicable with horizontal and vertical rotation axis. Its available with center heights of  200, 250, 350 and 400 mm.

Ein- bzw. zweiachsiges NC-Teilgerät EDR-EDS

NC-Dividing Unit EDR-EDS

Dividing units EDR can be used with a horizontal or vertical turning axis, and are available with centre heights of 125, 160, 220 and 300 mm. Swivel indexing devices EDS use dividing units EDR for rotation and swivel axis. Both devices are specially designed for use on EDM machines.