HOFMANN – more than 60 years tradition

A company with more than 60 years of tradition – HOFMANN Mess- und Teiltechnik

The company HOFMANN Mess- und Teiltechnik looks back on a long tradition.

In 1947 Dionys Hofmann sr. founded the company. Initially, knife grinding equipment and balancing machines were manufactured. In 1948, the production of dividing units was added.

Du to the turmoil after the Second Word War, the company moved to Onstmettingen. There the production of precision dividing units and rotary tables was started.

In 1993, the circular dividing technology branch was bought out of Dionys Hofmann GmbH and reestablished as an independent company HOFMANN Mess- und Teiltechnik by Dionys Hofmann jr.

In 2001, the company moved to a new production and administration building in Grosselfingen. On 4,000 square meters of administration and production area, investments were made for an innovative and ambitious company.

Since the end of 2009 HOFMANN Mess- und Teiltechnik is part of the Müller Group. The headquarters are located in Pliezhausen near Reutlingen.

HOFMANN Mess- und Teiltechnik is a soughtafter partner of well-known manufactures of machine tools and machining centers for metalworking. We manufacture all important components of HOFMANN products around indexing and rotations in our modern production.

We offer our customers customized and special solutions to their requirements, which cannot be realized with standard solutions from other manufacturer. In addition to dividing units and rotary tables, our portfolio also includes a wide range of coordinated accessories. These include, for example, tailstocks and supports for supporting long workpieces. Our company’s priority is always to maintain a close dialogue with the customers in order to provide them with the optimum solution for their particular application.

Quality from Baden-Wuerttemberg

All our products are state of the art. They convince both by shortest set-up times and by flexible application possibilities. And, of course, through outstanding quality. Experienced employees, efficient production and measuring equipment as well as a quality management according to ISO 9001: 2015 guarantee the compliance with a high product quality.

Our customer service guarantees fast processing in the event of a problem.

We offer you the possibility to have a damaged dividing headf repaired by our expert employees at our location in Pliezhausen as well as at your site.