NC-Dividing Units Accessories

Accessories NC-Dividing Units


  • For a safe support and a low vibration fixture of long workpieces
  • Manual, pneumatic or hydraulic operation
  • Centre heights according to customers request
  • Different sizes and taper fixures availabe
RWNC-Accessories tailstocks


  • Designed for the fixation of clamping bridges or similar clamping devices
  • Available without clamping or with clamping 400 Nm, 1,000 Nm, 2,000 Nm
  • Different sizes and centre heights available
  • Diverse special models
RWNC-Accessories supports

Three and four jaw chucks (manual and hydraulic)

  • Precision chucks of renowned manufacturers for accurate and powerful clamping of very different workpieces
  • Automatic workpiece clamping via hydraulic cylinder realisable
three jaw chuck

Face plates

available in various diameters and versions:

  • Easy and safe clamping of workpieces
  • Special versions for every diameter available
face plates


  • Control of the dividing unit via M-function of the machine by independent CNC-control
  • Independent CNC-control for the drive
  • No preparation on the side of the machine necessary, for the operation of a 4th axis
  • Interface and wiring complete and ready for operation for the connection to the machine control

Interfaces | Power supply

  • Large selection of standard interfaces/power suppies for machines of many renowned manufacturers available
  • Individual and flexible design of interface/power supply



  • Mounting of servo motors from a wide variety of manufacturers (Siemens, Heidenhain, Fanuc, Mitsubishi, Indramat) by versatile adapter system realizable
  • Mounting variant (motor mounting straight, toothed belt drive, angle gear box) will be adapted to the conditions inside of the machine housing and the requirements of the customer

Direct Heidenhain measurement systems

  • In case of high demands on indexing accuracy
  • Indexing accuracy up to ± 1,5‘‘
measurement system

Hydraulic units | pressure converters

  • Unit to be installed independently and externally, for the supply of the dividing unit with hydraulic pressure
  • Integrated pressure converters

pressure converters

Collet chucks

  • Allowing high precision and centric clamping of turned parts and semifinished products
  • Assembly of different collet chuck manufacturers like Hainbuch, Ortlieb a. s. o.
  • Possibilities for automation on request

collet chucks

Spindle holders

  • Standarised spindle holders for flexible and automated worpiece fixture, e. g. ST, HSK, MT
  • Circular runout within the µ-range

RWNC-Accessories spindle holders

Clamping bridges

  • Various flanges for dividing unit and support available
  • Set of Kipp clamping bridges in various versions available:
    • Cube with or without bore pattern
    • Swing with or without bore pattern
    • Zero point clamping systems

RWNC-Accessories clamping bridge

Clamping Systems

  • e. g. Erowa, Hirschmann, Metacool, System 3 R
clamping system

Centers and Carriers

centers and carriers

Power Chucks

Further accessories available upon request.