Tilting Rotary Table HPRS

Manual, swivelling precision rotary table HPRS in a compact, space-saving design with high rigidity. The table has a diameter of 320 mm as well as a swivel range from 0° to 90°. He has been designed for use for measuring tasks or on machine tools.


Rotary Table HPRS
  • In compact, space saving design with high rigidity for use on machine Tools or for measuring tasks.
  • Table plate with diameter of 320 mm and with degree scale at the size an zero point reticle at housing.
  • Direct indexing when swiveled worm gear possible.
  • Easy and accurate positioning in both axis with hand wheels and measuring drums. The rotary axis can alternativly equip with a with hole plate attachment.
  • Discharge of the worm gear when high processing forces due to manual operate clamping of the table plate and the swivel axis.


  • HPRS-M swivelling rotary table with graduating drum in the Rotary axis an in the swivel axis.
  • HPRS-T swivelling Rotary table with hole plate attachment in the rotary axis and with graduating drum in the swivel axis. A indexing table for the hole plate attachment belongs to the delivery, too.


  • Manual three jaw chucks with intermediate flange for fastening the table plate.
  • Manual operated tailstocks for use in the 90-degree-position of the table plate.
  • Graduating drum and hole plate attachment compatible.
  • Additional hole plate for hole plate attachment available for all divisions to 100 and many up to 400 are possible with attached indexing table.